Gray Mare Gets Movin’

So, preparing to take a walk this morning, I went to the front door to see how cool it was.  Didn’t expect to see a light drizzle dripping from the eves and the street all shiny.  Bummer!  The pleasantly overcast mornings lately have made for really good walking weather.  Oh well, Plan B!

I have a couple of Leslie Sansone’s DVD’s but this is my favorite.  Lots of walking, knee lifts, side to sides, etc.  Like any exercise program, you can be as lazy or as energetic as you feel on any given day.  Today was medium energy and I used the hand weights.  And, like many exercise programs, there’s lots of encouraging patter that you can easily tune out and let your mind wander as you try not to bang into the furniture.  It’s a fun alternative when I need it.

Plan A is usually a 1.7-mile round trip to Panera Bread with a writing project or, what I’m doing lately, studying a mystery writing guide.  What I’d planned to do today was walk down to the local park and do a spin around the lake.  Since tomorrow has a 40% chance of rain, I may end up breaking out the Ali McGraw yoga DVD 😊

We almost went to the movies this week but The Husband thought it might be better to wait until after our latest Covid booster next Monday.  Amsterdam has a stellar cast and looks pretty interesting—hopefully, it will still be at the theatre next week.  I also want to see The Good House, with Sigourney Weaver and Kevin Kline and Ticket to Paradise with George Clooney and Julia Roberts.  We’ve been to live theatre in the last two and a half years, but not a movie theatre.  Even with the booster, I’m still planning to wear a mask when I’m going to be indoors, sitting with a group of people for the length of a movie or play.  But I’m totally looking forward to ditching it when I’m just in stores or libraries, where interactions with individuals are fairly brief.  Oh, Covid, you may still be with us but I’m not inviting you home!!!

Happy Friday, Y’all!

Current Reads and Watches

What I’m reading now (paper): Poisoned Pages by Lorna Barrett

What I’m reading now (Kindle): The Brief Luminous Flight of the Firefly by Ellen Byerrum

What I’m binge watching: Abbott Elementary on Hulu

What I’m Watching Live: Alaska Daily on ABC

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