Things I Like Thursdays – Literary Pins

I collect pins.  Pretty much everywhere I’ve traveled, be it museum, historic site or tourist attraction, they all have pins.  And they’re easier to pack and display later than t-shirts, figurines or even books (but you didn’t hear me say that!).

Later in the year, I might start showing some of the hundreds of pins I have on a denim duster that hangs in my hallway, but for now, I’m showing off a small collection of literary pins I’ve gotten in the last few years.  To keep them all together, they normally live on a gray wool motorman’s cap.

I’m not picky about how I consume stories.  Physical books I can hold and flip through will always be number one for me.  I have a Kindle app on my phone and a Kindle Fire for when I travel and I like those for convenience.  And books on CD kept me sane when I had a two-hour daily commute to work. 

These two made me laugh and I can totally relate to each.

Harry Potter fans will understand this one 😊

These two are references to the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, a reimagining of several fairy tales that combine into an epic tale of female power.

Marissa Meyer again, this time with a fun YA rom-com about summer love at a sea animal rescue center, with a little magic thrown in.  This one was a bonus when I pre-ordered the book.

These are two of my favorite books of the last few years, both by Aiden Thomas – The Cemetery Boys and Lost in the Never Woods.  LITNW was also a pre-order bonus.  I love that authors are doing that!!

And last but not least, what I don’t say but I’m probably thinking, when you see me with a book and insist on talking to me!  I bought the fabric book mark with this appropriate saying for my BFF online at Strand Books, along with my pin.

If you’re looking for literary pins, I suggest searching for specific titles and authors, or just general “literature pins”, on   You’ll find treasures galore!  And a lot of the indie bookstores have their own pins and plenty of classic and modern subjects to choose from.  Either way, you’re purchasing from either an artist or a bookstore and that’s a really good thing!

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