Things I Like Thursdays – Literary Pins

I collect pins.  Pretty much everywhere I’ve traveled, be it museum, historic site or tourist attraction, they all have pins.  And they’re easier to pack and display later than t-shirts, figurines or even books (but you didn’t hear me say that!).

Later in the year, I might start showing some of the hundreds of pins I have on a denim duster that hangs in my hallway, but for now, I’m showing off a small collection of literary pins I’ve gotten in the last few years.  To keep them all together, they normally live on a gray wool motorman’s cap.

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Children and Young Adult Fiction Recommendations

In my last post, Gray Hair Does Not Equal Grandma, I mentioned reading middle grade and young adult novels.  Here a few of my favorites from the last few years.

The Silent Lee books by Alex Hiam

Photo from Alex Hiam’s Instagram

Middle grade books with a strong female lead and lots of action.  Silent lives in modern day Boston.  Every morning she leaves by the side door of her Aunt Gen’s house to attend The Girl’s Academy of Latin and Alchemy in the early 20th century.  Her two worlds collide in adventures that involve men in black, horse drawn carriages and giant bee girls.

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