Pandemic Boot Spree

I was lucky enough to work from home during the pandemic.  For an introvert like me, this is a best-case scenario in a really, really bad situation.  And like most of us, my work at home attire changed drastically.  T-shirts in the warm weather, sweatshirts in the winter (yes, it does get chilly in Southern California) and slippers year-round. 

I work at a standing desk in the office and arranged a standing scheme here at home, too.  For years before I had an actual raised desk, I would stack reams of copy paper on my work surface to elevate my monitor and mouse.  It just feels more natural to me to stand.  Consequently, I wore flat shoes and Tom’s or Sketchers to stay comfortable.

Being home also allowed me to skip a nearly two hour commute.  I think we don’t always understand how unhealthy something is while we’re in the thick of it.  When I wasn’t doing that drive anymore, I felt so much better and realized that I’d gained quite a bit of weight over the four years I’d been making that daily journey.  The first year I stayed home, I lost 35 pounds.  I’ve plateaued a bit but I’m still slowly losing more.

I decided that one thing I wanted to add to my post-pandemic wardrobe was ankle boots.  I confess that when I’m heavy, I dress to cover up and disappear.  When I feel better body-wise, I have more fun with clothes and accessories.  

I started buying boots in anticipation of getting back out into the world.  I’m not sure when that will be, though.  I think many of us are still reluctant to rip off our masks and throw them in the air like a jubilant Mary Tyler Moore, even though we may be fully vaccinated, especially with the Delta variant burning through the country.  So, my boots and I will take baby steps back into society. 

Here’s a preview of my cute little boots, photographed on my anti-fatigue mat.

Blue suede Naturalizers with brown leather straps.

Leather Chaco Canyon Boots from the Back in the Saddle catalog (no idea why this catalog was sent to me…)

Cobb Hill Bordeaux Leather

Black Leather Renaissance Boot from the Pyramid Collection

What adjustments or additions are you going to make to your wardrobe post-pandemic?

One thought on “Pandemic Boot Spree

  1. My latest wardrobe additions are muumuus and flip-flops. While you did fabulous, I clearly don’t quarantine well and gained 20 pounds. Cudos to you, bff, and LOVE the new footwear!!


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