Pandemic Boot Spree

I was lucky enough to work from home during the pandemic.  For an introvert like me, this is a best-case scenario in a really, really bad situation.  And like most of us, my work at home attire changed drastically.  T-shirts in the warm weather, sweatshirts in the winter (yes, it does get chilly in Southern California) and slippers year-round. 

I work at a standing desk in the office and arranged a standing scheme here at home, too.  For years before I had an actual raised desk, I would stack reams of copy paper on my work surface to elevate my monitor and mouse.  It just feels more natural to me to stand.  Consequently, I wore flat shoes and Tom’s or Sketchers to stay comfortable.

Being home also allowed me to skip a nearly two hour commute.  I think we don’t always understand how unhealthy something is while we’re in the thick of it.  When I wasn’t doing that drive anymore, I felt so much better and realized that I’d gained quite a bit of weight over the four years I’d been making that daily journey.  The first year I stayed home, I lost 35 pounds.  I’ve plateaued a bit but I’m still slowly losing more.

I decided that one thing I wanted to add to my post-pandemic wardrobe was ankle boots.  I confess that when I’m heavy, I dress to cover up and disappear.  When I feel better body-wise, I have more fun with clothes and accessories.  

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