Things I Like Thursdays – My Writing Bracelet

I keep this on my lap desk when I’m writing.

I bought the purple “A writer is a world TRAPPED in a person” bracelet from an artist on Etsy somewhere around the beginning of the lockdown, when I’d decided to pick up an old half-finished story and work on it again.  Since then, I finished another story and now I’m two or three scenes away from completing a novella.

On the left is a St. Lucy medal.  She’s one of the many patron saints of writers.  She’s also a patron saint of the blind, which would have appealed to me because of the issues with The Mom’s sight.  This lapsed cradle Catholic likes her saints 😊

The Faith over Fear in the center is just me reminding me to not let fear overcome my faith in my abilities and to be bold.  Six and a half decades of an inhibiting mixture of fear of success AND failure is enough.

My given name is Mary Elizabeth (cradle Catholic, remember?) but my creative alter ego has always been Mare.  When I finally get my writing published, it will be as Mare Carter.  This one, hand made by another artisan on Etsy, is a reminder of who I’ve always known I could become.

What charms or talismans do you keep near for inspiration to keep you moving forward?

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