Things I Like Thursday – Under The Desk News

There isn’t much to like today, after the mass shooting in Texas on Tuesday, with all its attendant finger pointing and political BS.  Some days, just making it through one day and into the next is just so fucking hard.  Some days, all our hopes and dreams seem so insignificant and impossible to care about.

But I digress.

Or do I?

I recently discovered an Instagram account called Under the Desk News.  I probably came to it from Alexandra Billings’ account. 

Vitus Spehar, known as V, gives news briefs from, yup, under their desk. Their voice, no matter what the news is, from the war in Ukraine to Kardashian high jinx, is always on point with appropriate compassion or a dash of humor as needed.  I think they started these news briefs on Tik Tok, which I don’t do (yet), and branched out to Instagram and Twitter. 

If you want to hear quick, concise news roundups on the daily, go find Under the Desk News on your chosen platform.  They also do a Thursday Good News Only report wearing a blue shirt with yellow bananas.  😊

This is an extra post they did Tuesday night, after yet another very bad day in America.  I needed to hear their empathy and concern.

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