Things I Like Thursday – Not Much To Like Today

What with the situation in Ukraine and other things happening in my life today, I’m not feeling too light-hearted.  So, I fell back on a couple of easy likes.

Here’s The Husband with the Shamrock Oreo McFlurry we had this afternoon.

If you love Shamrock shakes, give the McFlurry a try—it was pretty good and even better shared with my honey!

It’s not easy to get myself out of my own head sometimes and it’s really been an effort lately but I’m finding things that help and I hope you are, too, if you need to.  Especially after the last two years, life has can sometimes just be a tough little bitch.  But most days, I’m tougher.  And if a mid-day McFlurry helps, then so be it!

Hope you’re finding something to like today, too. 

PS—When I need something to bring me out of a real funk, I call up Alex Wong and Twitch and their So You Think You Can Dance routine to Get Outta Your Mind:

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