Things I Like Thursday – My Lap Desk

I really like my lap desk.  The Husband pointed it out to me at Barnes and Noble one day last November and asked if I’d like it for Christmas. 

I hemmed.

I hawed.

It seemed like a gadget.

When I really thought about it, though, the soft little space for the mouse would save the right side of the laptop itself because that’s where the mouse lived and moved and that probably wasn’t optimal.  The padding underneath also appealed in comparison to the cold, hard laptop sitting on my legs.  But what sealed the deal was the cell phone slot.  Having my phone within easy reach for Google and Dictionary searches is priceless!

It taunted me from a huge B&N bag for the month of December but now that I’ve had it a while, I can say it was worth the wait. 

I usually sit on the floor or the bed when I write and the desk is comfortable whether I have my legs crossed or straight out in front of me.  I like that it balances everything I need all in one place and if I need to get up, I can just move the entire work space without disruption.

The field for the mouse has a fuzzy texture, which gives me more control of the mouse and it doesn’t slide off when I shift around or get up.

And I think the phone slot is just so damn clever and convenient.  I guess it doesn’t take much to delight me!

And how about my mouse?  Flamingo’s aren’t usually my thing, like unicorns used to be and mermaids are now, but when I saw it, I just thought it was cute.  It makes me smile and we all need things around us that bring us simple joy.

What’s around your house that makes you happy and makes life easier?

PS-I admit, I took all my sticky notes off the laptop for the photo shoot.  LOL! 

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