What Do You Mean I Have To Wait??!!

OK-I admit it.  I’m spoiled.

I don’t think I’ve watched a network TV series in years.  Bingeing on episodic shows and platform-specific mini-series on our streaming services whenever the mood strikes created an on-demand monster.

Hulu, I’m talking to you! *Shakes fist and sticks out tongue*

Because now, with the weekly episode release of the Steve Martin/Martin Short/Selena Gomez comic mystery series, Only Murders in the Building, I find myself living for Tuesdays, when a new episode drops.  Just like I did in years past, impatiently waiting for a new Addams Family, MASH, Star Trek: Next Generation or Numb3rs.  Honestly, isn’t technology supposed to deliver RIGHT NOW??  What’s with this going back to the dark ages?  Will it be coming out on a VHS tape any time soon??

OK, so, clearly, this is not a life and death situation.  It’s not even worthy of a petition demanding Hulu release the full season NOW!  But sometimes ya just gotta vent, right?  And aren’t you sick of hearing about Covid/politics/TX & FL?  I’m just throwing something a little different and random out there that you might also be feeling and confirming that you are not alone in your frustration.  You’re welcome.

Here’s a list of highly recommended streaming for immediate gratificational viewing, in no particular order:

Hollywood                                          Netflix

Gilmore Girls                                      Netflix

Little Fires Everywhere                  Hulu

Big Little Lies                                      Hulu

The Chair                                             Netflix

The Queen’s Gambit                      Netflix

The Good Witch                                Netflix

Always Be My Maybe                     Netflix

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel          Amazon

Mum                                                     Brit Box

Wild Bill                                                Brit Box

Schitt’s Creek                                    Netflix

Longmire                                             Netflix

Call Me Kat                                         Hulu

The Kominski Method                    Netflix

Grace and Frankie                            Netflix

Dead to Me                                        Netflix

The Crown                                          Netflix

Thunder Force                                   Netflix

Dumplin’                                              Netflix

The Prom                                            Netflix

Happy Viewing!!

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