Writing Recommencement

After a long writing hiatus, which included 15 years composing jewelry, I’m back to writing.  I created a little newspaper in second grade that won me a Kennedy half dollar.  I wrote poetry and music in my teens.  As a young adult I wrote some short stories, one that placed 33rd in a Writer’s Digest contest and one that won a Midwestern writer’s contest — go figure, I’m a New Englander living in California.   I made inroads on several novels that never came to fruition.  Then I took a jewelry class and went down that rabbit hole of adornment and art fairs.  I used my writing for my limited marketing and I even edited the newsletter of the bead society I joined.  Writing always lingered.  Then I lost my basic creativity and didn’t do anything for a while.  Sometimes in life, you stop and ask yourself what you loved and misplaced.  My Muse, Lucy, tapped me on the shoulder and cleared her throat. 

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