May is Reading for The Mom Month

The Mom’s birthday was always within days after Mother’s Day (in the US).  There was a time when I would get her a nice Mother’s Day present, a nice birthday present and then a goofy little present for every day in between. 

I think last year, I was still in shock in May.  She’d only passed away 2 months before and it was still unbelievable to me that she was gone.  I’d found the surrogate grave in the local cemetery (Lessons in Grief, Part 2), so I had that comfort of being able to have a special place to visit.  This year, I’ve been avoiding Mother’s Day reminders because they were making me verklempt when I’d see cards in Target or the inevitable Mother’s Day sales on TV.  I get a double whammy, too, because her birthday is always so close.

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Lessons in Grief – Part 3

Fulfilling Final Wishes

At the hospital the night before The Mom passed away, she asked that she be buried with a particular ring that she’d left in her apartment.  Two years before that, she’d asked that a postcard I sent her from a visit The Husband and I made to NASA also be buried with her but when I asked her that night where it was, she didn’t have any recollection of it.  She was pretty out of it by then.

When we got to her apartment, The Husband found the ring, a circle of calla lilies entwined with the word Jesus, on her nightstand.  I stored it in a small box in my purse for the trip to the funeral home.

The day after she passed, as I started the sad task of cleaning out her apartment, I came across this magnet on her fridge:

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