Virtual Traveling During Lockdown

Being an introvert, I haven’t missed people much during lockdown.  What I missed most was traveling.  The Husband and I, late blooming travelers, took some great trips in the last few years – city jaunts to Chicago, Houston and New Orleans, a train from LA to Seattle, a cruise to Alaska.  On deck had been a not yet booked trek to Liverpool and Normandy when the world screeched to a halt.  Heartsick, I watched this insidious virus spreading like wildfire over the earth.  For a while, I thought we might still get to go in fall 2020.  Then maybe spring 2021.  Now I’m praying spring 2022 ‘cause Gray Mare and The Husband ain’t getting any younger and we need to get this show, literally, on the road!

Biking through Budapest at night.
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